Exploration and scouting are the first fundamental steps to open your business to international perspectives.

In this initial phase, a complete feasibility analysis is carried out, tailored to the individual business needs of the customer. This moment of examination of the market is followed by the search for a local distributor and an intense survey, to identify customers and potential suppliers. Alternatively, we proceed with the search for potential targets for an acquisition on the local market.

of feasibility

Technical and economic evaluation of the business in preparation to the possibility of obtaining financing and incentives. Meeting with the development departments of the target countries.


Exploration of the available industrial parks or building areas of the host country to evaluate and establish the new operational facility.

Search for a local distributor

Search for key counterpart who will become an integral asset of the business growth and development project in the host country.

Search for international partners

Selection of international partners for possible Joint Venture or acquisition. This strategy represents often one of the most effective ways towards internationalization.