IA International Advisors provides a consolidated consultancy support and over thirty years of experience to companies looking for new markets, customers and opportunities.

A proactive collaboration is established, In deep synergy with customers’ wishes, aimed to perform a winning market approach and seeking the most relevant opportunities beyond national borders.

Drafting of business plan and development

Development of the Business plan and construction of an action plan to minimize business risks. Our 30 plus years of experience, combined with in-depth knowledge of markets and growth dynamics, represent a solid basis for any international project.

After Sales & Service programs

Support to the After Sales and Service activities to ensure the proper management of a product at every stage of its life cycle and deploy it consistently to end users. Construction of competence centers and local technical assistance.

M&A and business integration projects

Evaluation and activation of agreements for Merger and Acquisition, combined with the proposal of business integration projects, aimed at accelerating industrialization and internationalization processes.

Temporary Management

Activation of Temporary Management services for those companies where the selection of key figures is not yet completed, or when the company prefers to have, for a period of time, highly qualified professionals to accelerate decision-making processes and speed up the go-to-market.