IA International Advisors aims to support companies that wish to embark on the ambitious, difficult, and challenging path of internationalization. For these enterprises, we offer our 30 years of knowledge and field experience. We operate on five continents thanks to our international team of Partners and have two legal offices in Milan and New York.

We are not just consultants; we are an integrated and operational part of your team.


For a company, expanding its business means having a vision, determination, knowledge of the market and its dynamics. In an international context what makes the difference is the knowledge of the language, regulations, habits, prejudices, but also the understanding of unknown cultures and different operational habits. Full mastery of this knowledge and dynamics is the distinctive element that determines the success or failure of a project. It is not an easy path, but it is simple only if you rely on us.

IA International Advisors does not have a magic formula for internationalizing an established business, simply because such a formula does not exist. However, we know how to act and support clients at every stage of a journey that is the result of 30 years of field experience. Our expertise, consolidated over time, ensures the most appropriate response to any business need and size. Our office in the United States represents a further commitment to companies wishing to expand into North America. 

IA International Advisors proposes a methodical approach that aims to clearly sort out what must be done from what must be avoided, supporting the client from the first feasibility project and then following him in the entire process that will lead to its execution. Courage, competence and experience, three fundamental elements to give a clear direction to the growth of different types of business projects in five different continents.




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Internationalizing is not easy,
but becomes simple by our side

is not easy,
but becomes simple
by our side


Our strength lies in having an international network of correspondents specialized and skilled in their markets of origin: professionals able to prepare the ground for the company’s ambitions and to follow it locally in all phases of the project.

We also provide support in the first project start-up phase, actively working on the evolution of business development and offering temporary management solutions.

Guglielmo, with significant roles in Pirelli, Bonfiglioli, Carraro, and Comau, grew to become a CEO with a strong international presence. Having managed operations in China, Vietnam, Mexico, India, the USA, and Brazil, his leadership has been key in global expansion, showcasing profound business insight and adept cross-cultural management.

Guglielmo Iodice

Founder and CEO

Marco boasts 25 years in executive roles within French, German, and Japanese firms, spanning Italy and beyond. His expertise lies in marketing, sales, service, and logistics, with a background in automotive to industrial automation. Marco is pivotal in established and startup ventures, excelling in strategic planning and operational prowess across international business landscapes.

Marco Civinini

Founder and CEO

Yazmín excels in marketing and business development within American multinationals, particularly in Corporate Property. She's adept at securing deals in the automotive, logistics, and electronics sectors, with a strong grasp of commercial and regulatory areas. Specializing in M&A, her skills shine in Mexico, Canada, and the US, underlining her profound comprehension of North American markets and proficient navigation of complex business terrains.

Yazmín Sanchez


Fernando holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and an MBA from São Paulo, with vast experience in the Automotive sector, focusing on Distribution and Service in Brazil and South America. He's multilingual in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, specializing in marketing and Partner Management, adept at navigating diverse markets and forging strong regional partnerships.

Fernando Rodrigues


Giuseppe, an executive in international marketing, specializes in Appliances, Design, F&B, and Luxury. He's held key executive roles at Philips, Saeco-Gaggia, Indesit, Michelin Formula 1 and has been a Manager and CEO in various European countries. An expert in B2C and an entrepreneur, he's developed global business with a focus on turnarounds and post-mergers integrations.

Giuseppe Salvio


Rui holds a BA in Economics in Vienna and a Masters in Business Administration from IE EMBA. Born in Qingdao and living in Dubai, she is fluent in Italian, English, German and Chinese (mother tongue). She is a marketing expert, Manager of multinationals in Austria, Germany, Italy, she has led M & A and JV projects in the field of energy, the mechanical and electronic industry, biomedical, as well as food & beverage.

Rui Li

Senior Advisor

Antonio is a manager specialized in the mechanical and automotive industry. He has worked as Chief Purchasing Officer in international companies dedicated to European, Far East, India and South America markets. He works as a support to companies in their development project in South America markets. He lives in Buenos Aires and is a member of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce in Argentina.

Antonio Minchio

Senior Advisor

Noman is a true business leader, entrepreneur and change agent. Founder of TRANSFORMability for consultancy on Change management, co-founder of IndustryX at Wayne State University, a center for innovation and operational excellence and host of Innovation Dance, a monthly program of innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. Competence Center Industry 4.0.

Noman Hussein

Senior Advisor

Adriano is an international development expert, specialized at Bocconi. During his career he has completed important projects in Europe and the United States in the industry of professional equipment for food & beverage. He has also created new business realities in Russia and China. Complex sales and marketing expert.

Adriano Fabris

Senior Advisor

Vandero has a degree in Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano and has covered his professional experience for over 25 years almost entirely in the automotive field, focused on Operations issues, especially in the Purchasing, Supply Chain Management and Supplier Quality functions. He is used to operate in complex multinational structures, integrating resources of different cultures and mentalities.

Vandero Meschini

Senior Advisor

Maurizio has specialized skills in the Industrial / Operation sector, with various managerial positions in Valeo, San Giorgio Elettrodomestici and the Industrial Management of the Systems Division in Brembo and in Rollon. The organizational and leadership skills, as well as a natural readiness for change and innovation allow him to operate successfully on all aspects of modern industrial organization.

Maurizio Pompeo

Senior Advisor

Michele, a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA from SDA Bocconi, boasts 25 years in the Automotive sector. Experienced in managing global production, localization, and change in European and American multinationals. His skills span Lean methodologies, Industrial Engineering, and Program Management, showcasing a fusion of technical acumen and leadership in international business.

Michele Olivari

Senior Advisor

Elisabetta has led the Prime Minister's Office in four governments. She is expert in  external relations, communication, business development, advocacy, and HR. A Senior Officer in the Italian Army (Major of the Reserve Selected), she is a geopolitical analyst, expert in IT simulation for the EU, UN, NATO, and specializes in setting up command posts in foreign operational theaters.

Elisabetta Ludovico

Senior Advisor